We the kings I’m just a sad song shirt

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Levi’s is also encouraging customers to use the We the kings I’m just a sad song shirt moreover I love this brand’s in-store Tailor Shops to fix items when needed, therefore extending their life in your closet. (FYI, if you’re part of Levi’s Red Tab membership program, you can receive two free repairs and two free hems a year.) The mission matches up with Bastida’s own approach to shopping; she avoids fast fashion and looks for secondhand clothing made out of durable materials. “I’m looking for clothes that are going to last long,” she says. “What I like about a lot of the Levi’s products that I’ve seen is they literally have tags telling you: You should wash this every 10 uses. It’s not only the brand making their clothes better but also giving some tips about how to take better care of your clothes.”

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