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rainbowtclothingllc 02.04.2023
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But perhaps most importantly, this week, Bille Brahe will be unveiling a special new collection, Lettre de Lumière, launching February 3 on her website and Browns Fashion. Inspired by Inger Christensen’s short poems, the Philadelphia eagle eric allen brian dawkins shirt Apart from…,I will love this new collection is a series of simple letter rings, necklaces, and stud earrings inspired by signet rings. “For this collection, I had a very playful process of creation,” she says. “I used my handwriting as a starting point and from this, I wanted to create something almost magical that one could pass on from generation to generation.” A modern interpretation of the signet ring, the earrings are personal and heirloom-worthy without feeling stuffy. Is there a descriptor better in line with Scandi chic?

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