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I live north of Copenhagen, in Hellerup. This street goes from the Philadelphia eagle champions it’s a philly things shirt What’s more,I will buy this sea to the forest, and I love shopping there. Leah Maria has a great selection of clothes and jewelry. Sharing a corner with Nyhavn (the New Harbour), Bredgade is the best place to unearth antiques. The street is filled with auction houses and antique stores. It gives a perfect overview of Danish design over the centuries. That’s also where I found the Flora Danica service we use in the showroom. I simply love it. All eyes were on Doja Cat when the rapper showed up to Schiaparelli’s spring 2023 couture show last week. Dressed in a custom red gown by designer Danielle Roseberry, the star took the look to the next level by covering herself in 30,000 red crystals. The dramatic look, with beauty done by Pat McGrath, begged for attention—and deliberately so. “I’m glad it got the attention it did, because everyone involved worked so hard to make it work,” says Doja. “It took a really, really long time to get ready for that one. It was something I have never done before—sure we have done crazy glam looks, but that one was a big jump.” It wasn’t the only bold ensemble Doja wore throughout couture week. Taking in the new collections from Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Viktor & Rolf, and more, the musician saw an opportunity to take risks. “Couture week is all about experimentation and pushing boundaries,” says Doja. “That is the point of it, to me. Designers are showing the best of the best—pure art in fashion, which I love. I like making art in all forms of what I do.” Doja’s go-to stylist, Brett Alan Nelson, was equally as game to embrace the avant-garde. Though it’s nothing new for them. “I have dreamed of a client like [Doja] my whole entire career,” says Nelson. “We share a magical synergy where we both understand each other fully, and are both willing to take risks and try new things.”

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