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The first time I noticed an irregularity with my cycle was back in 2020, after getting the Tampa bay buccaneers heart girl shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this COVID-19 vaccination. I skipped a few periods, but upon chatting to a few clients who were experiencing the same thing, I didn’t think anything of it. Sadly, though, it didn’t stop there, and around September last year, I missed three periods in a row. I started feeling really low, my moods were terrible, and I began to get really bad brain fog. It was like bad PMT (premenstrual tension) for a period that just wouldn’t come. At work, I see so many women around my age on a daily basis, and menopause often comes into conversation, but mostly in an abstract way. It’s that thing that happens much later in life. Not when you’re 46. I knew menopause was meant to make you moody, but not like this. And where were the hot flushes?

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