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More than the Tom brady thank you shirt Besides,I will do this mystery of how Anna is surviving, it is the power of storytelling, whether it’s governed by science or spirituality, that is the true subject of The Wonder. The stories that Anna’s family is telling itself have their own logic and insanity, as does the story that Anna is telling herself. Lib has lost a child; the journalist, Will— whom she thinks an adversary at the outset but who becomes her closest confidant (and more)—is carrying with him an unimaginable tragedy born of the famine that ravaged Ireland only a few years earlier and took his parents. Each of these survivors, it’s implied, also tells their own story to themselves in order to go on. Lib eventually does come to a conclusion about Anna, but before her understanding becomes a coherent narrative, the film suggests that it won’t offer a believable explanation at all. Perhaps Lib, the rationalist, will be forced to accept the limits of her understanding as an outsider, a skeptic, a nurse rather than a doctor, a woman without a child of her own, and a woman among men doggedly committed to their own explanations. The Wonder is a mystery in the sense that there is an event at its core that prompts an untangling, but it lacks the twists and turns that are the usual trajectory for entertainment in that mode. The revelations take place mainly in Lib’s head as she gradually puts together the pieces of what she’s observed; they are legible mainly on Pugh’s face as she processes what she has seen.

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