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Since she burst onto the Tufts university nakatomi shirt and by the same token and scene in 1992 as CJ Parker on Baywatch, Pamela Anderson became the blonde bombshell of her generation. Fast forward to the present, and the star is a veritable icon at 55, attracting as much attention for her activism, front-row appearances and forthcoming memoir as she ever did on Santa Monica Beach. At the LA premiere of her tell-all Netflix documentary titled Pamela: A Love Story, the Canadian-American actor, model and activist wore a slinky dress in a color reminiscent of the famous swimsuit that she wore on Baywatch. The look comprised a bright red beaded Naeem Khan scoop neck dress, a pair of red satin strappy sandals and diamond drop earrings. While the contentious Hulu series Pam & Tommy took off last year, this year the actor opted to tell her story on her own terms with her upcoming documentary. And, of course, Pam looks sensational while doing the rounds of promotions. Perceived wisdom says that New York is the start of the fashion season, but the Danes and the Danophiles know that Copenhagen is where the action is this week. The weather forecasters are predicting more rain than sun, and there’s a chill in the air. Maybe that’s why we spotted furry leg warmers and boots (perhaps inspired by the local favorite Soulland) on day one. Also on our radar: puffer coats from Stine Goya, and more of the balaclavas that popped up outside the Paris men’s collections. Follow along as Acielle Tanbetova captures the best photos from the Copenhagen shows.

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