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on Dec. 27 came from a person who was reading traffic on a website called the Official L And M Eats Food In The City Shirt moreover I love this, a hive of Jan. 6 rhetoric. “They think that they will have a large enough group to march into DC armed and will outnumber the police so they can’t be stopped,” the tipster wrote. “They believe that since the election was ‘stolen’ that it’s their constitutional right to overtake the government and during this coup no US laws apply … Their plan is to literally kill people. Please please take this tip seriously and investigate further.” Asked on the web form to describe what kind of attack was being reported, the tipster wrote: “Attempted coup/terrorist attack on Jan 6th.” Fmr. lead investigator for the January 6th Select Committee speaks out JAN. 21, 202312:11 In another example, as NBC News first reported in 2021, the New York Police Department sent both the Secret Service and the Capitol Police a compilation of social media posts about threats to the Capitol from the SITE intelligence group. The intelligence report was later made public. Protesters should “start marching into the chambers,” one poster wrote. “[T]here is not enough cops in DC to stop what is coming,” wrote another. “[B]e already in place when Congress tries to get to their meeting,” said another. “[M]ake sure they know who to fear.’” People familiar with the committee’s work told NBC News that investigators found the only agency that mobilized in anticipation of violence on Jan. 6 was Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department. Almost 900 D.C. police officers responded directly to the U.S. Capitol during the attack, followed by 400 officers from neighboring police forces that D.C. police had asked to be pre-positioned to help. By contrast, the committee investigators found that federal law enforcement agencies were not postured to respond immediately to the Capitol and did not deploy a large response — about 260 officers. That included 10 from the U.S. Park Police, 24 from DHS, 35 from the FBI, 35 from the Secret Service and 86 from the U.S. Marshals.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms deployed 70 people largely to deal with pipe bombs planted at Republican and Democratic headquarters. Agencies respond Federal agencies have responded differently to the Official L And M Eats Food In The City Shirt moreover I love this criticism. The FBI has forcefully defended itself, suggesting it did everything it could. The bureau also said last year, however, that it has “increased our focus on swift information sharing with all our state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement partners” and had “improved automated systems established to assist investigators and analysts in all of our 56 field offices throughout the investigative process.” Current and former FBI officials told NBC News the bureau has learned lessons from the riot. During Biden’s January 2021 inauguration, for example, the FBI stepped up security preparations and sent more senior officials to oversee security preparations, the officials say. In testimony to the committee, Jennifer Moore, the top FBI intelligence analyst in the Washington, D.C., field office, pushed back on the idea that an FBI bulletin about threats to the Capitol would have made a difference. The January 6th Report JAN. 6, 202350:38 “It wouldn’t have changed how we postured ourselves,” Moore said. “Regardless of that piece of paper that said we got a lot of social media, there’s a lot of people coming to D.C., looks like they might want to do some violence … I would

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