D.o.w.n.l.o.a.d [PDF] Stash and Smash: Art Journal Ideas (Design

coravasquez 02.10.2023
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"(^PDF)->Read Stash and Smash: Art Journal Ideas (Design Originals) Over 120 Tips, Suggestions, Samples, & Instructions for Designing Your Own 'Smash It In' Art Journals with Papers, Mementos, & Embellishments Online

Want to go green and use up lots of stuff? Well, the answer is here!Stash and Smash has over 120 ideas for organizing your personal stash. Be inspired to use your stash of papers, mementos and accents to create something wonderful!Inside, you'll find valuable tips, ideas, samples, and instructions for creating your very own 'Smash It In' journals. Excitement fills every page of this amazing, colorful book. Use your stash, be creative, and have fun by turning everyday objects from life into art journals!Stash books tell a personal story. What you preserve in your journal reveals the kind of person you are. Your book leaves evidence of what is important to you, your values, your interests and your talents. Every life is a story. Your Stash and Smash book is waiting to tell yours.Get started, have fun, and make the most wonderful journal yet!


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