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coravasquez 30.09.2023
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Want to build responsibly, reduce waste, and help preserve the environment? Green Building &amp Remodeling For Dummies is your friendly, step-by-step guide to every facet of this Earth-friendly method of construction. Building a home&#8212even a green home&#8212uses plenty of resources and energy. This practical, hands-on book shows you how to build or remodel conscientiously, whether your dream home is a simple remodel or a brand-new multimillion-dollar mansion. You&#8217ll start by identifying green materials and sizing up potential systems and construction sites. You&#8217ll weigh the pros and cons of popular green building methods and identify opportunities for saving money in the long run. Need to find some green professionals to assist you in your venture? We&#8217ll help you do that, too. This book will also help you discover how to:Understand the lifecycle of building materialsChoose the right system for your green building projectPut together a green teamWork within your


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