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coravasquez 03.10.2023
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"(*PDF/KINDLE)->DOWNLOAD Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero: Learn the Basics, Plan the Ceremony, and Write the Wedding They've Always Wanted (The Unboring!Wedding System Book 1) Full Acces

'Wanna write the wedding ceremony your couple actually wants? This is the way. The process. The A-Z.Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero is not a wham-bam filing cabinet of canned ceremony scripts for you to copy and paste. It's not a data dump of wedding instructions, either. Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero is a step by step, follow-along method. The goal of this book is to teach you two things at once. First, as you read, you&#8217ll be learning all the ins and outs of a wedding ceremony&#8211down to the granular details. Second, at the very same time, you&#8217ll be transforming yourself into a guide for your wedding couple. By the end of this book, you&#8217ll be able to describe all the moving parts of a wedding ceremony, rock a planning session with your couple, and deliver the script they've always wanted. Are you at Wedding Zero? No problem! Mark Allan Groleau has helped thousands of new officiants and celebrants all over the world get rave reviews from their ceremonies. Now it's your


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