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W.E.B. Duboiswas an Americansociologist,historian,civil rights activist,Pan-Africanist, author, writer and editor. Born inGreat Barrington, Massachusetts, DuBois grew up in a relatively tolerant andintegrated community, and after completing graduate work at theUniversity of BerlinandHarvard, where he was the firstAfrican Americanto earn adoctorate, he became a professor of history, sociology and economics atAtlanta University. DuBois was one of the founders of theNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP) in 1909.The W.E.B. Dubois Collection features:The Quest Of The Silver Fleece: A NovelThe Souls Of Black FolkThe Talented TenthThe Conservation Of RacesThe Suppression Of The African Slave Trade To The United States Of America, 1638-1870The NegroThe Negro In The SouthandDarkwater: Voices From Within The Veil


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