P.D.F 2016 Scott Catalogue Volume 4 (Countries J-M): Standard

coravasquez 03.10.2023
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"(^PDF)->Read 2016 Scott Catalogue Volume 4 (Countries J-M): Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue (Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue Vol 4 Countries J-M) FUll

Vol. 4 of the 2016 edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalog contains almost 7,500 value changes. Almost all countries in this volume-Jamaica through Mozambique Company-show some value changes. Macao tops the leaderboard, with more than 1,800. Some more notable value changes include countries like Macao, Laos, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Libya, Malaya, and Morocco. New errors added in Jordan, Macao, and Mexico. Plus Sarawak are now included with the rest of the Malaysia states in this volume. Now grab your stamp album, pick up your tongs, settle in with your copy of the Scott catalog and bask in the pleasures of the world's greatest hobby.


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