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Upholstery: A Complete Course comprises an encyclopedic guide to the techniques &amp materials of the craft in addition to fascinating information on its history and development. With detailed pictures and illustrations by David James to help guide you, the old furniture needing an update will be brought back to life in no time. This book continues to thrive and inspire those wanting to give a piece of their furniture a fresh new look.The 5 step-by-step projects included allow even unskilled first-timers to put the book&#8217s key techniques into practice, and professional advice on how to price materials will get any budding upholsterer off to a great start. Almost 500 detailed line drawings created by the author illustrate every aspect covered in the text. This new edition includes an updated bibliography and contacts section to ensure its relevance and upholstery terms have been added.Here&#8217s what you&#8217ll get in this complete guide:- A comprehensive guide to the craft,


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