D.o.w.n.l.o.a.d [PDF] Turn Your Rural Property into a Wedding Venue

ellianacabrera 24.09.2023
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"(*EPUB)->DOWNLOAD Turn Your Rural Property into a Wedding Venue Business: A How-to Guide for Earning Thousands of Dollars from Your Home on Weekends Full Acces

Updated in 2020 with new content!Originally published in 2016, this book was the first of its kind &quothow to&quot guide for learning how to develop a venue business on rural property. Since its publication, the original book helped thousands of people take their first steps to being a venue owner. And now the second edition has even more to offer! Looking at current conditions in the event industry as well as expanding key chapters, unlike the original, this book has been rewritten for anyone at any stage of the wedding venue business planning process. Whether you are just dreaming of someday owning your own venue or a couple of years into the venture, this book will have something you are looking for.The second edition Includes:The basic skills every successful entrepreneur needsAn overview of the wedding venue business and operationsUnderstanding permitting, policy development, and land use codesHow to perform and use market research to develop your venue features and servicesThe


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