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"(*PDF/KINDLE)->DOWNLOAD The Practical Encyclopedia of Mosaics: Techniques, Materials, Equipment, Projects Full Acces

Updated 2017. This inspirational and practical book features the work of contemporary artists with clear step-by-step projects for anyone to try. It takes a look at materials, from translucent glass tiles and fabulous smalti to broken ceramics and mirrored glass, and explains how to use them. All the techniques are covered in detail, and there are essential tips for using texture when designing. Photographic instructions are given for over 60 individual projects, which make it easy for anyone to make mosaics. This delightful book reveals how this enduring medium can bring style and texture to both home and garden.&#8226 Over 60 creative projects with easy-to-follow step-bystepinstructions.&#8226 Inspirational examples of mosaics, from the faded beautyof ancient mosaics to the work of contemporary artists.&#8226 Ideas for inside the house and in the garden, withshelves, tables, water fountains and sculpture.&#8226 Mosaics made from a variety of materials, such assmalti, opaque and


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