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"(^PDF/BOOK)->DOWNLOAD Irish Crochet Motifs and Lace For Beginners: The Step by Step Guide on Irish Lace and Motifs Instructions, Patterns and Techniques for Complete Beginners FUll

Unlike most forms of crochet, worked in either rounds or rows, traditional Irish crochet (sometimes just called Irish Lace) is made up of motifs that are joined with mesh stitches, forming lace. Irish crochet lace was developed in Ireland in the mid-1800s during the potato famine. The income that their sales provided was a lifeline for many families at this time. Crocheting was a simpler way to make lace using tiny hooks and fine yarns and the techniques were easy to learn.As its popularity grew, key motif patterns became closely guarded secrets and were only shared by demonstration. Irish crochet still continues today, although beginners tend to use 4ply or DK yarn to start with. While some crocheters seek to preserve this technique, others take alternative routes, making items purely from motifs, or hooking the mesh background first and attaching the motifs with appliqu&#233 for speedier, freeform-style makes.The motifs usually take the form of solid ribbons, leaves, shamrocks and


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