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"(^PDF)->Read Makeup Artist Face Charts FUll

Unleash your inner makeup diva with your very own makeup charts just like the ones pro makeup artists use! Design and customize fabulous looks with colored pencils, markers, crayons, even real makeup! Makeup charts come with convenient note sections so you can keep track of products/colors used.WHATS INSIDE?48 Face charts in 3 styles Almond eye female, Asian eye female and Male. Each style comes with &amp without brows so you have the option of drawing your own.50 Practice charts Test looks and build your skills with extra eye, lip, brow and face charts.15 Bonus charts Sample makeup charts from other books in The Beauty Studio Collection.ALSO INCLUDES:Pro Tips, Tricks + Tutorials along with a User Guide that covers:What brushes work best with makeup chartsHow to add your choice of skintoneHow to create a makeup artist portfolioHighlight &amp contour application techniquesGuide to drawing lashes &amp browsAnd much more!The Beauty Studio Collection includes:Face, Eye, Lip, Brow, Bridal


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