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myfrogclothing 21.03.2023
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Alyssa Bailey is the Shopmacc Ohio university shirt and by the same token and senior news and strategy editor at, where she oversees coverage of celebrities and royalty (especially Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton). She previously held positions at InStyle and Cosmopolitan. When she’s not working, she enjoys running around Central Park, getting people to take #ootd photos of her, and exploring New York City. By subscribing, I agree to the Hearst Magazine Terms of Use (including dispute resolution procedures); My information will be used as described in the Privacy Notice. Yesterday, the nonprofit Fashion Trust Arabia announced its 2022 advisory board. On the list of fashion insiders is none other than ELLE editor-in-chief, Nina Garcia, who previously served on the FTA’s board. The organization also shared news of the fourth awards ceremony, which will be held the week of October 24, 2022. Fashion Trust Arabia was established in 2018 with the charitable purpose of honoring and cultivating. designers across the Middle East and North Africa region. It does so in part through awards ceremonies and annual competitions.

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