Its Not A Party Until The Danes Show Up Shirt

potoshirt 27.03.2023
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Outside of the Its Not A Party Until The Danes Show Up Shirt Besides,I will do this courtroom, there are contexts in which I might wear business casual, even to meet with a client. But not in the courtroom. Q: Why did there seem to be no delay in communication between Mission Control and Apollo astronauts on the moon? Because either a) you are watching a movie, b) you are watching edited film, or c) you aren’t paying attention. I was still in elementary school when I observed the three second delay and deduced that the moon must be 1.5 light seconds away. It’s actually closer to 1.3, and some of the delay I was seeing was elsewhere in the communication loop, but I’ve never forgotten. Yes, the Apollo astronauts had spacesuits but the problem was not COVID, it was operating in a pressureless environment. Using only a mask might have helped prevent the spread of any virusses but would also have resulted in all the air rushing out of the astronauts’ lungs through every orifice in their bodies, that would expand to roughly double their usual size due to all of the moisture within turning into vapour, crushing their already collapsed lungs and other internal organs causing all of them to die a horrific death within about 15 seconds but that, to them, would probably have felt like an eternity. A better idea, in addition to having a spacesuit, was thus to have, not a mask, but a helmet and visor that formed a pressure tight seal when locked into place onto the spacesuit. The spacesuit assembly would then be pressurised and the astronaut’s head (including face and “mouths”) would thus be enclosed ENTIRELY inside the pressurised spacesuit, so the astronaut would not have to suffer the above ordeal. 

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