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When I was making the Sheamus celtic warriors live here shirt also I will do this transition from science to music, I left Barnard and I took a semester off because I was so lost. I was considering art school because I really loved illustrating, so I answered a classified ad for an artist’s assistant—the greatest euphemism in the world. It turned out [I was asked to] put page numbers on textbooks, because, in those days, computer work was just starting. I would commute with my sad corn muffin and add page numbers from 9 A.M. until 5 P.M. This was with tweezers, by the way. The day I skipped page 79 was the day I thought, “I will do anything to not be doing this job.” I remember when I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Charlie’s father put the capsule on toothpaste. That’s what it was—it was exactly that job. I thought, “I have to work really hard to not do something like this, which asks so little of me.” It was very useful in helping me figure out what not to do.

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