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finleyhammond 04.06.2023
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"(^PDF)->Download The Basket Book: Over 30 Magnificent Baskets to Make and Enjoy FUll

Try your hand at one of the world's most ancient crafts!Basketmaking has been an artisanal staple across cultural and national boundaries for hundreds of years. Now you can make your own beautiful and functional baskets thanks to Lyn Siler's elegant designs and clear, engaging instructions. This magnificent collection of over 30 baskets to make draws on lengthy global basketmaking traditions and includes a variety of techniques and easy-to-find materials. With this book as your teacher, you'll be well on your way to weaving handmade baskets of your own that will be admired in your family's home and used for generations to come. Featuring over 400 illustrations and diagrams which accompany the clear step-by-step instructions, as well as lush, specially commissioned watercolors by Carolyn Kemp scattered throughout, The Basket Book will guide you gently through the process of constructing heirloom baskets of your very own. Whether it's a simple Melon basket, a traditional Cherokee


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