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rayanmclean 10.06.2023
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Try your hand at calming meditational drawings. If you&#8217re someone who likes to doodle on napkins and scrap paper, then you&#8217re going to thoroughly enjoy the art of Zentangling. This funny, little word is actually an international phenomenon used to reduce stress, increase wellbeing, and enhance relaxation. And while the Zentangle movement is relatively new, its applications are steeped in history and culture as evidenced in its symbols, designs, and patterns.Now you can unlock your potential&#8230unleash your creativity&#8230and experience the relaxing sensations of crafting unique, treasured artwork with Zentangle&#174 Art Therapy. This unusual book offers a wonderful introduction to those new to Zentangle, and covers the tools required and the basic techniques to get started. Simple patterns including baseline, fillers, ribbons, and borders offer a foundation to explore more complex, three-dimensional design. You&#8217ll learn how to further enhance your creations using


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