[read ebook] Pretty Tough Plants: 135 Resilient, Water-Smart Choices

rayanmclean 05.06.2023
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"(*PDF/KINDLE)->DOWNLOAD Pretty Tough Plants: 135 Resilient, Water-Smart Choices for a Beautiful Garden Full Acces

Tough-but-beautiful plant picks There&#8217s a growing demand for dependably hardy plants that require less maintenance and less water, but look no less beautiful in the garden. Plant Select&#8212the leading purveyor of plants designed to thrive in difficult climates&#8212meets this need by promoting plants that allow gardeners everywhere to have stunning, environmentally-friendly gardens that use fewer resources. Pretty Tough Plants highlights 135 of Plant Select&#8217s top plant picks. Each profile features a color photograph and specific details about the plant&#8217s size, best features, and bloom season, along with cultural needs, landscape features, and design ideas. The plant list includes perennials and annuals, groundcovers, grasses, shrubs, and trees. A chart at the end of the book makes it easy to choose the right plants for specific conditions and needs.


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