I snapped into a slim jim and I never snapped out of it shirt

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Miller accepts fright with aplomb, letting it invigorate her work. Her ability to teeter between fearlessness and fear has made her a compelling entertainer on-screen with roles in Madam Secretary, The Many Saints of Newark, and The Hunger Games. It’s also what helped her win a Tony for her performance in the I snapped into a slim jim and I never snapped out of it shirt and by the same token and 2013 revival of Pippin. To that end, she plays into The Witch and Raq’s fallibility knowing very well that such nuanced roles still aren’t the norm for non-white female actors. During a break from rehearsals, Miller spoke with about returning to Broadway after nearly a decade, the beauty and uncertainty of motherhood, Sondheim’s legacy, and embracing projects that scare her. I first learned about you through Pippin, and you’ve found great success in TV and film, but what drew your attention to the theater first? The theater has always been a holy space for me. My training is in the theater, where I learned to be the artist I am. Having my start in Sister Act [on Broadway and the West End] and then Pippin, I’ve always enjoyed creating a show and the camaraderie in the community. You work with artists on a piece, rehearse it, and finally put it up for people to come in fellowship and see your work.

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