I’m not donating my immune system to the economy shirt

rainbowtclothingllc 21.03.2023
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My God! We do eight shows a week, and we have two-show days twice a week. Not everybody can handle it all, so uplift mothers and give them resources, whether that’s childcare or having someone there to help when things fall apart, to be better performers and be fantastic mothers at the I’m not donating my immune system to the economy shirt and I love this same time. So many people were represented at this year’s Tony Awards! To look around the room and see the world reflected there and see all of us celebrating our love for the theater and seeing myself reflected on the stage was extraordinary. To have Ariana DeBose host, who did a fantastic job speaking out [DeBose discussed race, the LGBTQ+ community, and the understudies and swings who keep shows running in the face of COVID]! I’ve never witnessed that in this space. I was overcome with emotion because you want everyone to belong; they accomplished that this year. I hope we keep moving forward after the past two years. It made me so excited to be back in this community!

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