Forms of Disputes and Approaches to Settlement in Vietnam

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Dispute in Vietnam could be between parties in business transaction, foreign investors and Vietnam government, or between countries in implementing international treaties.

Forms of Disputes and Approaches to Settlement in Vietnam

The formation of market economy in Vietnam took place in the context of the development in the width and depth of the economic ties at a significant fast pace that make Vietnam an important part of the world supply chain. Vietnam suppliers could sell the goods and services to the world and the foreign supplier could also export their goods and services to Vietnam market. Further, as the Vietnam market opens up, foreign investors could invest through various forms of investments in Vietnam i.e. acquire equities in Vietnam companies, establish business in Vietnam. During this process, disputes are an inevitable result which has been growing in scale and complexity.

Most should agree that disputes shall be construed as the dissent, inconsistencies or conflicts of interests, rights and obligations between the parties in the economic relations at different levels. Accordingly, economic disputes can have the following basic forms:

-Disputes in business are between the participants in a business transaction including investments, production to consumption of products or performance of services on the market for profit purposes i.e. professional and product liability, debt disputes over a business transaction, franchise disputes, intellectual property disputes, and disputes over contract for supply of goods or services…

-Disputes between foreign investors with Vietnam government agencies, arising in the implementation of the BTO, BT, BOT, and the implementation of international agreements on promotion and protection bilateral and multilateral investment i.e. government policy and policy measures, concession to water and sewerage, power or energy supply, project or contract payment…

-Disputes between countries in the implementation of the international bilateral and multilateral agreements.

In Vietnam, as the disputes arise, parties involved could consider resolving the matters through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or taking court actions after taking consideration of various factors including cost, time, and the complexity of the disputes. ANT Lawyers - law firm in Vietnam with skillful arbitration lawyers in Vietnam should be consulted to provide the suitable advice for dispute resolution.

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