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rainbowtclothingllc 26.03.2023
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Inspiration station! Your mental prowess is on fire as the Send those refunds shirt in addition I really love this Sun moves through Capricorn, your third house of ideas and communication, until January 20. You can make great progress on a writing or teaching venture, or just hold a few fruitful brainstorm sessions. But don’t rush to share your ideas publicly just yet. With Mercury retrograde in Capricorn until January 18, communication and technology breakdowns could interfere with your message. Do your behind-the-scenes planning then strike out after Mercury corrects course. You’ll have extra oomph on January 18 as the Sun forms a conjunction with powerful Pluto, a meetup that only happens once a year. Is there a powerful decision maker you could connect with today? You could have a game-changing conversation with an important influencer or VIP. Whatever meeting transpires, be fearless and go deep to the root of the matter. You have the ability to laser in on something important, catching details that others might miss. You could link up with a heavy hitter on a new project too.

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