Holy f****** bingle shirt

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Also new: As part of the Holy fucking bingle shirt besides I will buy this Armory Off-Site initiative, which places public art in various locations around the city, the fair has partnered with the United States Tennis Association to present several large-scale sculptures on the grounds of the US Open. “We call ourselves New York’s fair and we really feel that,” Berry says. “We want to embrace the city, we want to support the city, and we want to engage with the cultural institutions that make this city great.” New York, for all its bluster and glitz, is also a city of ghosts. It’s easy to ignore them—to get caught up in the swirl of what’s new—but every so often, on an empty cobblestoned street or in a darkened stairwell, you might feel their pull. They’ve been tugging at Brooklyn-born photographer Nona Faustine since she was a girl. She’d explore the city with her mother, running errands, wondering about who came before her. “I was always asking about the past, thinking about past New Yorkers,” she explains. But as she pursued an undergraduate degree at the School of Visual Arts, then a master of fine arts from the International Center of Photography (ICP)–Bard College program, she noticed that the city’s history as a slave trade capital was rarely mentioned, and that people who looked like her—“plus-size, dark skin”—were rarely depicted in museums or galleries. “I wanted to address that gap.”

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