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Those activities include offerings from many of South Florida’s cultural institutions, such as the Holy fucking bingle shirt Besides,I will do this Pérez Art Museum; Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami; Rubell Museum; Locust Projects; and more. “The city has undergone such an outstanding transformation over the years—the confluence of outstanding contemporary art and amazing artists and art professionals in the same place is a boost of energy.” Wild jumbles of neon blooms, blades of grass, and blurred, sunset hues. Miami-born artist Cristina Lei Rodriguez’s large-scale installations feel a bit like peering into a psychedelic garden. Or like pressing Pause during a Technicolor nature doc. Her work is vibrant and organic, but surreal and synthetic-looking, too. Which is exactly the point. Raised by a Cuban father and a Japanese-American mother in a place that’s known for both raw beauty and splashy diversions, Rodriguez has gained a certain appreciation for juxtapositions. “There’s a tension between what is natural and what is artificial,” she says of both Miami and her artwork. “I think that duality is really interesting. It’s part of what defines our city.”

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