Free [epub]$$ Cameos: Timeless Masterpieces of Glyptic Art: Revised

carlapearson 02.04.2023
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"(^PDF)->Download Cameos: Timeless Masterpieces of Glyptic Art: Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition Full Acces

This second and expanded edition of Cameos - Timeless Masterpieces of Glyptic Art allows the collector a fresh look at the artistic ability of the artisans who put their sweat and tears into their creations. Unlike the mass-produced machine-made clones found in the marketplace today, each piece presented, unless otherwise noted, represents a time-consuming labor of love in its conception, hand-carving, and mounting. As stated in the first edition, it is not the author's objective to provide an in-depth study of the history of cameos or their individual values. Values of these unique works of glyptic art are the prices that a willing seller will accept and a motivated buyer is willing to pay. The reader should be mindful that each hand-carved cameo is unique, a one-of-a-kind creation. Although the images may be similar, no two stones, shells or other materials used to carve the finished works of art are identical in nature. A cameo carver requires the skills of an artist and the


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