OnlineRead# DnD Notebook: Because I'm the Dungeon Master, that's Why

rexgilmore 11.06.2023
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"(*PDF/KINDLE)->DOWNLOAD DnD Notebook: Because I'm the Dungeon Master, that's Why | College Ruled | 6x9? | 120 pages Full Acces

This sarcastic notebook is great for taking notes, journaling, brainstorming, and of course, used as a companion for any D&ampD session. This is a plain lined notebook, it does not have any D&ampD preface guides. This notebook can fit comfortably in most backpacks, travel bags, and larger purses. It can be used for many different things including: college, grade school, work, and personal use.This would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves D&ampD, a known Dungeon Master, or someone who has always wanted to learn how to play.What&#8217s included:Layout: College Ruled Lined WhitePages: 120 pages, printed on both sidesSize: 6 x 9&#8221 inches Cover: Paperback High-Quality MatteSuitable Type of Pens: Gel pen, Ink, and Pencil


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