Hall Roofing Steel Space Frame

xuzhoulf 20.03.2023
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The hall roofing is mainly steel structure space structure, this structure space force is good, the structure is stable, the amount of steel is less, in the construction, so it is widely used in modern industrial building now,how to control the material

Material control of building space fame structure

space frame frame is a new type of steel structure. It not only has the characteristics of large span, wide coverage and light structure, but also has good stability and safety. It has become a widely used structural form. The space frame structure is easy to obtain materials, generally Q235 steel and Q355 steel are used. There are two types of cross-sectional forms of rods: steel pipe and angle steel, and the form of steel pipe is more common.

The detection of the space frame can be divided into the bearing capacity of the joints, welds, dimensions and deviations, the unevenness of the rods, the deflection of the steel space frame and the support of the space frame. Welding balls, bolt balls, high-strength bolts and The detection of rod deviation, the detection method and the allowable deviation value should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the "Quality Inspection and Evaluation Standard for space frame Structure Engineering" (JGJ78). The wall thickness of the space frame steel pipe rods can be detected by ultrasonic thickness gauge. The facing layer should be removed. The unevenness of the axis of the rods in the space frame can be detected by the method of pulling wires. The unevenness should not exceed one thousandth of the length of the rods. The deflection of the space frame can be measured by laser The number of measuring points in each half-span range should not be less than 3, and there should be 1 measuring point in the middle of the span. The distance between the end measuring point and the end support should not be greater than 1m, and the measured deflection value should not exceed the corresponding 1.15 times the design value. The space frame support can be inspected or tested with a steel ruler. The support should be stable and reliable; the pad (or pad) at the bottom of the support should be free of defects, damage and instability.

Selecting the appropriate material control method can effectively control the cost of the space frame

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