Socialist 2023 T-Shirt

toptrendclothing 10.06.2023
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Socialist 2023 T-Shirt

I had just met my new woman boss when she told me that we needed to hit the Socialist 2023 T-Shirt in other words I will buy this road together to visit a number of our worksites. This was good—it would give me an opportunity to get to know her quickly (and ideally, decide that I wanted to continue working with her). I packed my usual work wardrobe and we set out to see America. Good news: Over the ensuing week, I determined that I respected and liked her. On the last day of the trip, we were sitting in some airport club, having a drink. A woman walked past us, wearing a pastel outfit and I idly observed that I could never do that. My new boss retorted, “Yeah, I noticed.” She was referring to my uniform of black Calvin Klein men’s T shirts (100% cotton, size small) black jackets, black pants and black flats with pointed toes. This was my boss, after all, so I wanted to clarify. I said (slightly indignantly), “I’m VERY clean. I own lots of black jackets, T shirts and pants!” She laughed and acknowledged that as well.

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