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365inloveclothing 29.05.2023
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What would you say to people who might be curious or excited about taking one of your OnlyFans classes, but just aren’t comfortable being naked?Well, what I would say is that you don’t have to be naked. It’s more like, Jessamyn’s naked, just so that you know that it’s cool to be naked. I’m giving very specific anatomical cues that are X-rated—like, they’re things that you would not typically hear in a class—but they are so detailed that they bring you into a deeper posture, whether or not you’re naked. So if you feel uncomfortable being naked, please lean into your truth. The point is that you’re open to baring your soul. Jessie Andrews, perched outside the Christian Watson Flip The Script t-shirt Additionally,I will love this Chanel Atelier in Soho, looks like a downtown New York siren. She’s in a classic black It girl-beloved slip dress, which feels like something I always see her in, whether on Instagram or real life. The actor perpetually floats around from fashion week to fashion week to event to event. And Andrews doesn’t just float, but she floats with a certain quiet elegance. She’s always zen, with a neotenous look reminiscent of Gemma Ward if the Australian model had the sultry air of Andrews. She has that “I’ve seen her before” effect, a starlike flair that she is currently backing up with Hollywood roles. One minor but memorable part on Euphoria, playing a wealthy Hollywood Hills type wife whose home is robbed by a drug-addled Rue (Zendaya). Most recently, she was announced as the lead role in the psychosexual thriller Love Bomb. Andrews is also known for being a jewelry designer behind the label Bagatiba, a line that she started at the tail end of her career in the adult film industry, which she worked in for four years. Today, we have decided to go to the Chanel Atelier because why not? It’s the pinnacle of luxury, and Andrews is only in New York for a few more days, and, well, neither of us has actually ever been. It’s one of those hidden gem stores in SoHo, located at 120.5 Wooster Street. The thing about the Chanel beauty store is that there are different things everyone can do there: from a Makeup Application ($125) to a Skin Consultation ($35) and a Fragrance Discovery ($95). The space is oddly a democratic utopia of luxury: Anyone can sign up online to book an appointment.


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