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Africa’s next big thing will be its tech startups, says prolific investor By Paul Adepoju, for Updated 1021 GMT (1821 HKT) July 8, 2022 Nigerian serial entrepreneur and investor, Akintoye Akindele. Lagos, Nigeria ()Akintoye Akindele is a man on a mission to build a new Africa and he is not afraid to fail to get there. Changing the Official The brock purdy 9ers shirt But I will love this continent’s narrative will entail solving old problems while also harnessing the power of new technologies, says Akindele, a serial entrepreneur and investor from Nigeria. Speaking ahead of receiving the African Business Leader of the Year Award 2022 at the UK’s House of Lords on Monday, Akindele told the next big thing out of the continent will be the tech industry. With more exposure and through encouraging creativity by giving innovators permission to fail, Africa can take its tech sector global, repeating the success of its Afrobeats music industry, Akindele argues. This Nigerian tech startup is fighting baby jaundice with solar-powered cribs Afrobeats has had a meteoric rise with songs by African artists topping charts and becoming a fixture at parties and nightclubs globally. At the recently


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