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Sophie Dweck is the Home alone bad friends shirt Besides,I will do this associate shopping editor for Town & Country, where she covers beauty, fashion, home and décor, and more. Ask 100 people what they think an art forger does and 99 will tell you, “They copy paintings.” In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. And if you think about it, the reason why is obvious. No serious art forger could copy a painting simply because the original already exists. All you’d have to do to prove the copy is fake is point to the original in the museum and say, “There’s the real one.” To really make a forgery, you have to make something new that never existed and give it a reason for being born. Han van Meegeren, the famous Dutch forger of the 1930s and ’40s, was a mediocre painter, but he was a master ager, having invented the use of phenol and formaldehyde—Bakelite plastic—to make his paint dry and crack from the inside out to simulate age. Van Meegeren’s technique fooled the experts. He could bring his painting to a museum and say, “I got this from a wealthy Italian family who wishes not to be named,” without any further explanation. That was not possible in my time, and this points out an important secret of modern forgery. For me, the documented history of the painting—the provenance—was more important than the work itself. Tony Tetro, pictured here with his version of a Peter Paul Rubens painting, forged works by Rembrandt, Dalí, and Norman Rockwell, among others.

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