Final Space I’m the Captain Gary Shirt

toptrendclothing 02.02.2023
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Final Space I’m the Captain Gary Shirt meaning:

This is most evident in the Final Space I’m the Captain Gary Shirt and by the same token and four interviews conducted by the designer himself (there are many more in the issue), with the actor Glenn Close (star of Dangerous Liaisons, one of his favorite films); with the director of 1991’s Orlando, another one of his favorite films, Sally Potter; with the artist Roni Horn; and with the former host of Fashion File, now fashion critic Tim Blanks, who was an essential part of Moralioglu’s introduction to fashion as a young man growing up in Canada. “Dan [Thawley, A Magazine’s editor in chief] was like, ‘Well, who do you wanna get to have those conversations?’ and I was like, ‘Well, me!’” he remembers with a laugh.


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