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There is a related ideal that a person’s vote should be able to stand on its own, that our civic duty can begin and end at the Best black Cat just one more chapter shirt What’s more,I will buy this ballot box. I say “related” because I consider political organizing an intrinsically creative endeavor. The writer and activist Adrienne Maree Brown describes political organizing as science fiction, since it requires collective imagining of a future society that does not yet exist. Civics and art are two sides of the same coin. To work in either space requires deep dreaming of humanity’s potential, and compassionate interrogation of our shortcomings. I have fantasized about being able to present my work to an audience without qualifiers or explanation; I have similarly dreamed of a nation where the ideologies of the majority are unquestionably translated into policy. Instead, a powerful few dictate culture and policy, and they are at best reluctant, at worst hostile, when faced with change. Just as artists must teach our critics and audiences to read us, so must citizens teach our leaders to lead us.

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