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Tickets to separate full-day events at noma itself, which include daytime experiences with the Official yard act shirt Furthermore, I will do this restaurant’s test kitchen, fermentation lab, and sommelier team followed by a meet-and-greet with Redzepi and a multi-course dinner, also sold out almost instantly at $1,500 per person. “The thing that we keep realizing,” Leitman says, “is that people certainly through Covid almost appreciate dining and restaurants and chefs a little bit more than they did prior and are willing to spend to engage with those restaurants in new formats.” After graduating from law school in the 1980s, Herb Karlitz was running entertainment and event marketing for Burson-Marsteller when he recognized an opportunity to unite his passions of food and wine. Karlitz’s parents owned restaurants, and he had deep experience in the industry. With his friend Shep Gordon, Karlitz produced the first South Beach Wine and Food Festival in the early 1990s. He followed it with the New York Wine and Food Festival and the Napa Wine and Food Festival. Since then, Karlitz has also launched the Harlem EatUp! Festival with chef Marcus Samuelsson and a celebrity chef and friends golf tournament that benefits City Harvest. “We were at the beginning of looking at culinary as entertainment,” Karlitz says, “and I always said celebrity chefs were entertainers, except the plate was their stage.”

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