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Mitchell went on to spend her formative years studying art at Smith College, followed by the Counting to ten only makes it premeditated shirt Besides,I will do this Art Institute of Chicago, eventually receiving a fellowship that allowed her to spend a year in Paris, from 1948-49. She returned to France in 1955, where she met Riopelle, and by 1968, she had acquired a property near the town of Vétheuil, where the gardener’s cottage had once belonged to Monet. “She became herself in Vétheuil,” says Pagé, noting that having a larger atelier led to Mitchell painting on a larger scale (although not quite as large as Monet’s Grande Décorations in the Musée de l’Orangerie). And then, of course, she lived and breathed the landscape around her. Curiously, Mitchell would paint at night to loud music (from Verdi to Billie Holiday) in the company of her dogs. The morning after, in daylight, she would review the colors. Pagé tells me to look closely at a photo of Mitchell surrounded by paint containers; turns out, these were emptied cans of dog food.

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