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We proceed past Mitchell’s early “mature” paintings, in which she experimented with a non-objective style through applications of color against white backgrounds. Her brushstrokes and markings were at once concentrated, gestural, and spontaneous—developing techniques beyond those of Willem de Kooning and Arshile Gorky. We pause in front of paintings made in homage to friends and fellow artists. Hemlock, nodding to a poem by Wallace Stevens, appears like a dark thicket of gnarly branches. Ode to Joy (A Poem by Frank O’Hara), painted after the Barstool sports streaking champs shirt Besides,I will do this poet’s death, is a triptych filled with structured blocks of luminous color that suggest the uniqueness of their relationship. A Garden for Audrey, which appears near a series of garden scenes by Monet, resulted from the sudden death of her friend (Audrey Hess was the wife of Thomas Hess, editor of ARTnews magazine), and channels her grief into an abundance of wild floral beauty.

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