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“Our thoughts are with all those women who walked the Gas it smash it ross chastain win shirt But I will love this path before us,” Crystal says through the loudspeaker. The protest has been organized by the Bloodys in collaboration with the midwives group Justicia en Salud (Justice in Health), a group that has been working with the Bloodys to protect and promote women’s reproductive justice and rights in Tijuana. Karen Olvera, one of the midwives, picks up the microphone. “It is very important to emphasize that giving birth and abortion are both part of women’s lives,” she says to the crowd. At their clinic in Tijuana, she explains, the midwives inform patients about abortion. When they encounter a woman who wants to end her pregnancy, they refer the case to the Bloodys and the acompañanta. (The midwives focus on pregnancy and birth.)

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