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The acompañantas’ intention is “not sharing a recipe for how things should be done,” Crystal says, “because there should be respect for the God first family second then Boston Bruins hockey T-shirt and by the same token and US contexts.” The acompañantas’ goal is, at some point, to refer the cases to the US networks. Other groups are also working toward that goal, building deeper alliances with US abortion-rights groups. Natalia Espinosa, a member of Las Confidentas (another Tijuana-based group), states that she will soon attend a workshop where one of the main topics will be binational collaboration. The collaboration is still in its early stages, and all the women know that they have a long road ahead of them. When my son Shaan said his first words, I was in a meeting. When he first crawled across our carpet, I was at a work event. When he took his first steps, I had to watch him via WhatsApp, because a business trip had taken me hours away. All my life, I wanted desperately to be a mother—struggling with IVF treatments, multiple miscarriages, and a terrifying ectopic pregnancy. But I hadn’t wanted to give up my career for it. Instead, I tortured myself for falling short in both roles: Each missed opportunity at work was a failure, and each missed milestone in Shaan’s life was a gut punch—especially as he’s gotten older, and better able to articulate his sadness and at times, real frustration, that mommy isn’t always home.

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