I’m not like a regular mom I’m a meth mom shirt

jollyfashionstore 29.09.2023
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Amina sits on a charpoy inside a small, stifling-hot blue plastic tent that doubles as an examination room in a relief camp for internally displaced people on the I’m not like a regular mom I’m a meth mom shirt and I will buy this outskirts of Dadu, a small town in Pakistan’s Sindh province. It is blisteringly hot on this day in late September, and the sun is relentless. Amina, who we are identifying—along with all the mothers in this story—only by her first name to protect her privacy, is one of 80 expectant women who are waiting to be examined by midwives Neha Mankani and Jahan Zuberi of Mama Baby Fund, a Karachi-based welfare fund that seeks to provide in-kind donations and emergency financial support to expecting mothers in vulnerable situations. Amina is in her third trimester and running a fever. She complains of fatigue, lethargy, and weakness in her limbs. As Mankani rubs her belly with a portable ultrasound device, she discovers Amina is expecting twins. This is a high-risk pregnancy. A flurry of activity follows as Mankani tries to arrange for Amina to visit the nearest government-run hospital for further tests.

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