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The next patient after Haleema is Parveen. By now the Philadelphia 2022 mls eastern conference champions 03 01 mls cup shirt and by the same token and line of expectant mothers waiting outside the clinic has grown dramatically; news travels fast in this relief camp, and women are anxious to be examined and receive medicines for their various ailments. A few steps away from the clinic, a van from another relief organization pulls up to distribute water to the displaced families. In a cruel twist of fate, the abundant flood water surrounding the relief camp is polluted, festering, and unfit for human consumption, while drinkable water is scarce. As Mankani steps outside to catch her breath, an official overseeing the relief camp informs her that she needs to move her patients to another tent. The men need to use this tent to pray. As the long line of expectant mothers shuffles to a new location, Amina disappears into the crowd clutching her kit. She has promised to take her vitamins and use every aid in the kit. Will her twins be born in good health? Will she make it to a hospital if her birth starts to go south? Her life and that of her unborn child hang in the balance, with just a few tired but tenacious relief workers laboring to make sure she brings a new life into the world safely.

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