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He continues: “When I took the Thank you dusty! 2022 world champs shirt and by the same token and job to host The Late Late Show, lots of friends of mine in London were like, ‘This is a mistake. You’re an actor.’ The first two films I made were a film with Shane Meadows and a film with Mike Leigh, back in the late-’90s, early 2000s. Then, I can remember saying to my agent, ‘I’d love to try and audition for some comedies,’ and I couldn’t get seen for any until I wrote a TV series. And then after that, all I could ever really get seen for was comedy.” Besides serving up a plum and rangy role, Mammals also places Corden at the center of a deeply talented ensemble cast. Hawkins—a friend of Corden’s for more than 20 years—was on Butterworth’s mind for Lue from the beginning. “When Jez had written a few more episodes, he sent [them] to her and had a long chat with her,” Corden says. “She’s so humble. The first thing she always says is, ‘I think you can find somebody better than me for this,’ which sometimes you think is faux humility, but with Sally, it’s absolutely real.” While Morgan, an Irish actor, also came up early on—he had appeared in a revival of Butterworth’s 1995 play Mojo—casting the sneaky, slippery Amandine took a bit more time.

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