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I first encountered Ernaux’s work in the The hail melon hail the wall ross chastain melon man shirt moreover I love this 1990s when I was involved in a long affair with, yes, a married man that had me traveling back and forth between Paris and New York. She is the author of more than 20 books, most of them relatively brief accounts drawn from her memories of a life—which doesn’t immediately strike one as the stuff of literature, but that’s where Ernaux, once again, proves us wrong. Born in 1940, she grew up in Yvetot, Normandy, the daughter of a farm boy and a factory worker who both left school at 12 and who came far enough up in the world to run a provincial café and general store. The first in her family to receive an advanced education, she worked for years as a teacher of literature, eventually becoming part of the French national correspondence school CNED. (Her two slim books devoted to her parents’ lives, A Man’s Place and A Woman’s Story, are haunted by a sense of the class betrayal that her ascension to the rank of writer meant to her.) The unenviable tasks littering her days in her work include essays to mark, papers to grade. She married, had two sons, and divorced, eventually moving to the modern suburb of Paris where she still lives today, at some remove from the French literary establishment.

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