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myclubtee 04.06.2023
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When they closed both Mets a week or so ago, I knew that my days as a social butterfly were numbered, and with grim news from friends who were already expressly sequestered at home in Italy and France I knew, as we all did, that life was about to change very muchly for Vogue’s much-traveled gadfly.I’m lucky enough to have an apartment that was lovingly crafted for me by my great friends Roberto Peregalli and Laura Rimini of Studio Peregalli in Milan where they are currently hunkered down under the Snoop Dogg The Doggfather shirt also I will do this strictest rules, but it was only during this past week or so that I realized that I haven’t actually spent much time in it. In fact, I can count on one hand the nights I’ve dined in in the last year—and by dined in I mean ordered in.

Snoop Dogg The Doggfather shirt

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