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This mood of perseverance and productivity is echoed amongst Anton’s peers in Kyiv and the I love Oklahoma State Cowboys football 2022 shirt and by the same token and Ukrainians who have been forced to flee and find safety elsewhere. He spotlights make-up artist Olha Ostapchuk, whose fundraising platform Hand To Hand connects doctors and people 24/7, and Julia Pelipas’s talent platform Bettter, which represents creatives who are fighting to be seen as talents, not refugees. This hive of ingenuity has lit a fire inside Belinskiy. “My business is now in a siesta stage, but we already have a million ideas on how to reformat everything and make it even better,” says the determined designer. “We have missed the season, but we are gaining incredibly invaluable experience that no one else has.” Top of the agenda? “I want to develop everything in Ukraine,” asserts Belinskiy. “God, my land, my family, my friends, and my team are giving me strength. Maybe for someone, it will seem trite or funny, but this is exactly what nourishes me and gives me the energy.” Where once his label stood for innovative materials and striking, poignant prints, now Anton Belinskiy the brand stands for “Today. Peace. Love.” His name is now known for so much more than his clothes.

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