The Philly National League Champs Shirt

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“A lot of it is trying to tune into something deeper but also just trying to stay as open as possible,” she says. “You want to be a lightning rod, almost, to download or receive whatever’s coming through. Songwriting still feels like a very mysterious process to me—just seeing what comes from above or what bubbles up from below.” Returning to the The Philly National League Champs Shirt Apart from…,I will love this stage this year also came with another dilemma for O: How could she bring the record’s rough, resilient spirit to life sartorially? After all, aside from her innate musicianship and ferocious charisma as a performer, O’s renegade approach to fashion has made her a style icon in her own right—a status partly owed to her now decades-long partnership with the costume designer and artist Christian Joy. The pair first met in the late ’90s, after O began frequenting the East Village store at which Joy then worked; after spotting one of Joy’s own designs—as Joy describes it, laughing, a “hacked-up prom dress covered in blood after the movie Carrie and stenciled all over”—O immediately requested one of her own. The rest is, well, history.

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